There are a few places on the web that make it easy to buy and sell clothes for money! Here are the best places to sell your used plus size clothing online!


Even if you think you know everything there is to know about preparing your plus size clothing for sale, that information is useless if you have absolutely no idea where to sell them.

There are so many places to sell apparel on the web, however, on websites and marketplaces that sell all sizes, it is impossible to weed out the quality plus size clothing amongst other things that are being sold.

There are a few places on the web that make it simple to buy and sell clothes for money. These websites cater specifically to selling plus size clothing and meet the needs of plus size customers. We can agree that it is difficult to find great things in larger sizes at affordable prices so why shouldn’t you make things a little bit easier?

Here are some of the best places to sell your used plus size clothing online:

  • Instagram – This platform is not only used as a marketplace for selling and buying plus size clothing, however, there are certainly ways to set your clothing apart from the photos of your friend’s babies. You need to create a separate page for your store and use lots of plus size-related hashtags to direct people to your store. You will be making sales in no time.
  • Fattoo – This is a very popular Facebook community where women over a size 20 sell, purchase or swap clothing. This community has a lot of strict rules, however, those are in place to make sure everyone gets honest and straightforward information.
  • For FATS Sake – This is just another Facebook group. The rules for this group are a little laxer when compared to Fattoo and the sizes allowed start at 12. The group is smaller which means less competition.
  • The Plus Bus – This is the one of the most popular and exciting additions to the plus size clothing community. This group was created with the intent of bringing plus size clothing to women from all over the country. This group offers outfit advice, clothing consultations, and etc.

If you know some other websites for selling plus size clothing, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.

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