With these 5 places, you can make your baby clothes available for sale online! Create your online storefront and sell baby clothes online now!


As a mom, you probably are looking for places to not only find high-quality kids clothing but places to sell your old kids clothes as well. Most moms are doing a great job by keeping the kids’ clothes in good condition so if you can get a few dollars back, go for and list the clothes online.

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With these 5 places, you can make your old baby clothes available for sale online. You can create your own online storefront, your own store or maybe your own business and sell baby clothes online from the comfort of your home:

  • Kidizen – This is an application that is available in Android and iOs. What we love about this app is that they are always user-friendly and this application is no different. Another thing we like about this app is that it is a community where you can share tips, tricks, and experiences.
  • Loteda – This site is probably one of our favorite ones. We simply love Loteda because of the quality of clothing this website offers. This website focuses on lots of clothing and combining pieces together. If your children have wardrobes with pieces that compliment each other, we recommend you to take a look and see what is selling to Loteda.
  • Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups – We can all agree that Facebook provides an easy way to sell your kids clothing or anything else you may want to list for a purchase. You can find a lot of great articles, tips, and tricks on how to make more money using the Facebook buy/sell/trade groups.
  • Just Between Friends – This is a regional event which organizes all over the US and helps you find some of the best deals for clothing. We can promise – you will have a phenomenal experience. If you want to learn more about this event, check their official website.
  • Instagram – Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and a great way to sell clothes online and make some money. You can create your own profile where you will share photos of your baby clothes.

What websites, groups, apps or other online resources do you use to sell baby clothes online? Share in the comments below.

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